Tp Link Setup

TP-Link Router is one of the popular products manufactured by TP-Link which provides best technology in the networking field. It is known for its high speed internet sharing ability. This device can work with 802.11 ac wireless standard which takes its speed up to the gigabit level. Three adjustable antennas are used to provide maximum coverage. Dual- band is used to work on both frequencies – 2.4GHz and 5GHz which provide high data transfer rate.

You can securely connect your devices and keep their data safe with advanced features of TP- link router. A TP-link wireless router has everything that you wish to have in your ideal router. With TP-link wireless router, you would be able to access fast & stable network.

Features of TP-Link Router:

  • High Speed Internet: TP-Link router provides you safe and secure web browsing experience at high speed internet at the rate of 450Mbps. It also delivers exceptional speed and range which is ideal for any small office and home.
  • Multi-Band Technology: It uses Multi-Band technology to run three separate Wi-Fi bands at once. It creates a network that can connect more devices without a drop in performance.
  • MU-MIMO: Multi-User MIMO Technology allows the TP-link router to serve multiple devices simultaneously. It provides high speed that is up to 3X faster for all devices.
  • Security Features: WPA, WPA2-PSK encryptions are provided in the system for security.
  • Customized Access Control:  It also includes admin control and access control that can be customized anytime by TP-link quick setup. Admin control may enable you to allow/disallow people to access connectivity through their device hotspots.

To access stable network and router’s great features, you have to perform tp-link setup. Setting up the TP-link wireless router is very easy. TP-link setup can be implemented by the use of the Web-based utility. In order to use Web-based utility, you can launch any Window or web browser. You can use the IP address for setup tp-link.

TP-Link Wireless Router Setup:

Follow these steps to install your TP-link router:

Step1: To install the TP-Link router, first connect your PC to the internet by using broadband service. 

Step 2: Now, adjust the antennas of the TP-link router in the upright direction.

Step 3: Connect the TP-Link router’s port to your modem’s LAN port by using a cable.

Step 4: Next, Connect the TP-Link router to your PC using an Ethernet cable.

Step 5: Further, Start the tp-link setup process by logging in to the TP-Link router’s web page.

Step 6: Launch a web browser and enter default IP address or default web address  into browser’s address bar.

Step 7: Router setup page display in front of you. Enter your admin user name and password to log in.

Step 8: After log in to the web page, choose the ‘quick setup’ option.

Step 9: Next page appears that would ask you to choose the ‘connection type’.

Step 10: Enter the SSID and password with the security type that you may use.

Step 11: Save all the settings that you have chosen. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the tp-link setup process.

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