If you are looking for the procedure of the tp link router setup, you can do all that by visiting tplinkwifi.net. to know all about how to configure tp link router, keep up with the article.

Trying to configure tp link wifi router settings? There is a default domain tplinkwifi.net that helps the user to complete the tp link wireless router configuration. 

You can sign into tp link router setup page by using the default domain tplinkwifi.net. you can even use which is the default ip address of the tp link router to complete its installation.

The Positioning of the tp link router is very important. Before you get started with the tp link router setup, keep the following things in mind.

  • Place a router where it is not exposed to moisture or excessive heat.
  • Choose a location where your router can connect to the power outlet easily.
  • Place your router on a shelf.
  • Keep the electronic devices such as- Microwave, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, etc.

This article will tell you detailed information on How to configure tp link router. you can go through the following sections carefully.

How to install tp link router ?

Before, you can perform the tp link wireless router configuration, you need to physically connect the modem to the tp link router.

  1. Disconnect the modem from power, remove the batteries.
  2. Turn off your tp link router.
  3. Take an Ethernet cable and connect its one end into the modem.
  4. Connect the second end of the cable into the WAN port of the router.
  5. Supply power to the modem, re-insert the batteries.
  6. Turn on tp link router and wait for the power LED to light up.

Next, you need to perform the tp link router login process. Fir this, you need to connect your tp link router to the computer. There are two methods to connect to the tplink network:

  • Wireless method
  • Wired method tp link router setup

To configure tp link wifi router settings, you need to sign into admin panel of the router first. Go through the steps, to know how.

  1. To get started, you need to connect your computer to the tp link router network. This, you can do using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.
  2. Open a browser and navigate to tplinkwifi.net. or, use Press enter
  3. Tplink router window appears, provide the default login credentials.
  4. Click ‘Login’

how to configure tp link router?

The smart wizard will walk you through the tp link wireless router configuration steps. Follow the steps:

  1. On the tp link router setup page, click the ‘quick Setup’
  2. The smart setup wizard will start detecting your internet connection type.
  3. Click on the ‘network map’ and check the status of internet connection.
  4. Go to the ‘Wireless’ tab. 
  5. Choose a wireless security. It is recommended to use WPA2 wireless security.
  6. Next, you can choose an SSID (wireless network name) for your network.
  7. Go ahead and enter the wifi password.
  8. Click ‘Apply’ and save the settings.

These were the steps that a user can use in order to configure the tp link wifi router settings. However, if you are facing issues with tp link wireless router configuration, you can follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve.

Tplinkwifi.net not working

In some of the cases, you might face issue while accessing tp link router setup page. Check out the troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue.

  1. Ensure that your computer is connected with tp link router with Ethernet cable.
  2. Make sure you have entered the correct web address tplinkwifi.net.
  3. Try to sign into tp link router setup page using 192.1681.1.
  4. Clear the history of your web browser. Also, clear cache and cookies.
  5. Update your web browser to its latest version.
  6. Try configuring tp link wifi router settings using a different web browser.
  7. Or, use a different browser to sign into tp link router.
  8. Update the latest firmware of tp link router.
  9. You can reset your tp link router to its default settings.

This guide provides information on how to configure tp link router. using the default web domain tplinkwifi.net, you can log into your tp link router and configure the settings.

Once all the tp link router settings are configured, you can enjoy seamless internet all across your place. But, if you are having problems with the default login credentials of your router then don’t worry as we can help you resolve it.

You can contact our technical team and take their help for how to configure tp link router. to talk to them, you can dial their toll-free number.