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Tplink TL-WR940N Router setup

High-Speed Internet

With Tplink TL-WR940N Router you can enjoy high-speed internet at the speed of 450Mbps. It also delivers exceptional speed and range which is ideal for any small office and home. A user with a high demand for network speed can go for Tplink TL-WR940N Router without a doubt. If you have a habit of streaming data on multiple devices, this router will not let you down. The router is also compatible with all IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g products.

Easy Installation

No router can be setup until it has easy Installation and setup process. Tp link setup has the easiest steps and process that a new user can also implement. The IP address is used for tp link router setup to complete. This router is also compatible with all the leading operating systems. Your tp link wifi setup comes with scripted in Router manual. So, once you make your mind to tp link quick setup, ensure you take a look of tp link router admin page instructions.

Customized Access Control

Tplink router comes with very easy and manageable access control features, which you hardly see in any other router. Network administrators or parents can utilize Tplink router access control very easily. Tplink router also supports DMZ host for Port Triggering and Virtual Server. Like this, it becomes easy for Tplink TL-WR940N Router user to manage their network via remote management utilities.

Security Features

Tplink router plays an important role in protecting user’s information from being hacked online. This is why Tplink needs full proof protection in the form of security features. Tplink TL-WR940N Router has a number of security features which serves the same requirement. The router has security feature such as Firewall protections, Wi-Fi Protected Access, wireless LAN 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption and SSID broadcast control. It also includes parental control and access control that can be customized anytime via tp link quick setup.

Tp Link Quick Setup Guide

Tp link wifi setup can be implemented by the use of the Web-based utility. In order to use Web-based utility, you can utilize any Window or web browser. To get started

  • Open a web browser on your computer or wireless device.
  • Type full web address of the Tplink TL-WR940N router that is into browser address bar.
  • After few seconds, tp link router login page will get displayed. Here, you need to enter default username and password. Use admin for both the options, in lower case.
  • In case, admin doesn’t work, check if you have made any changes to them earlier. After that, click on OK button to continue.
  • Once you successfully log in, click on the Next button on the page of Quick Setup. From here you can start configuring your Tplink TL-WR940N router.

Secure Wi-Fi with a Password On Tplink Modem Router

  • Start with Login to your Tplink modem router by accessing tp link router setup page.
  • Launch a web browser on your wireless device and computer.
  • Now, make use of default web address or IP address http://192.168.1. Setup tp link. Make sure you use it into the address bar of the browser. It will take you to the Tplink modem router web interface.
  • Type admin in the next pop-up window of Tplink modem router login.
  • Next, look for Wireless and then Wireless Security option to setup the Wi-fi.
  • A user can protect 2.4GHz and the 5GHz wireless network with different passwords or the identical ones also.
  • Choose the specific Tplink modem router band which you want to configure, afterward, click on the Wireless Security. Make a selection for WPA/WPA2-PSK personal such as confirmation category.
  • Afterwards, set Encryption to AES and generate a Wi-Fi password in the Wireless password box. Next, click on Save button to apply the settings.

Security Features In TL-WR940N Router

The Security menu of the Tplink router consists 4 submenus. Basic Security, Advanced Security, Local Management and Remote Management are the submenus, which covers total security settings of Tplink router. Click on the menu and start setup tp link.

How To Upgrade Tplink Router Firmware?

To make your router work as it supposed to be, you need to upgrade your tp-link router firmware. The router has a dedicated section for firmware upgrade.

Start with downloading the latest firmware upgrade file from router official website.

Enter the path and the file name of the updated file into the File Field.

Next, click on the browser button to trace the update file.

Now, click the Upgrade button.

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